2024 Office Markets: Technology

Happy new year and hope you had a wonderful break from work. 2024 will be a fascinating year in the Australian office markets and CREview believes technology will be the #1 disrupter. From 2020 to late 2022, the main technological breakthrough was not technology itself but...

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AI and Office Space Demand

Back from the TCN worldwide Principals conference in Chicago with a headful of insights into the US office markets and how they are faring. Amongst many topics, AI and the effect on office space demand was the one that perplexed us the most. Why? Because it...

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The Impact of Technology on the CRE Market

In 2020, necessity pushed CRE tenants to embrace technology and to untether from the office. This was embraced globally and according to CB Insights last week, “The number of people working from home in the US tripled between 2019 and 2021”. Let’s assume the figures...

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