We provide strategic advice, tenant
representation and disposal services to
commercial real estate (CRE) tenants across Australia.

Strategic Advice

Strategic reports are most often outdated the minute they are presented. So, we take a different approach – continuous strategic advice.

We review your business situation and the specific real estate market in which it is housed, as the two are inextricably linked. We outline the best possible real-time market-based advice within the constraints and opportunities in the market at the time. Flexibility is key, and if your specific requirement or the market changes, we adapt and update the advice.

We ensure our strategic advice aligns your business with the market, whether it is a single property or multiple property portfolio, and regardless of where it is located.

Tenant Representation

Whether you are renewing a lease, relocating, expanding or contracting, we act as your trusted advisor and professional negotiator. We are the interface between you and the market. We work with you to determine your specific future real estate needs. We search for and negotiate terms for the right premises which best suit your future needs. We support that negotiation process with continuous reporting, financial analysis, and real time market intelligence so that you make the best fully informed commercial real estate decisions at the right time.

Whatever your requirement we listen, learn, plan, and perform.


Having excess space or facilities is a major concern for companies and affects the bottom line. In this low margin business environment, organisations should mitigate that cost wherever possible. It is costing you heartache and money.

Whatever the circumstances, there is a disposal solution for every scenario. Disposal by way of sublease, assignment, surrender or sale can be a complicated process but not when you get the right advice.

Mitigating costs as effectively as possible is all about knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Active planning and employing correct methods can make this easy from the start. We listen, learn, plan, and negotiate the best possible financial result on your behalf.