Our clients get the full benefit of
our International, National and Regional
experiences and connections.


Since working in the USA and Canada CRE markets in the early 1990’s, we have been an active CRE conduit between the northern hemisphere business world and Australia. We know and understand the expectations and practices of international corporations and how to interpret and weave these into the Australian CRE markets. We become your local trusted CRE tenant advisor as well as your diplomat and interpreter.

To increase our advantage in the market, we maintain our global connections and remain an active member of TCN Worldwide, which is a consortium of independent commercial real estate firms serving more than 200 markets globally. TCN Worldwide combines an entrepreneurial approach with years of local experience. Around the globe, across all property types and service groups, TCN Worldwide has more than 1,500 experienced professionals who have the well-earned reputation for providing straightforward expert advice.

This continued connectivity means we are up to date with global CRE trends which gives us an advantage over our competitors, which in turn gives our clients an advantage over their competitors.


We continually represent a diverse range of clients across Australian capital cities and countless regional centres.

We are not confined to a location or a particular market. We have been and are a national tenant advisor for many organisations and hence are able to represent you wherever you may need CRE advice within Australia.

Why spend the extra time, effort, and money to use different advisors in different markets when you can benefit from the independence and trust of one highly experienced tenant advisor across the entire country?

As your experienced single point of contact (SPOC), you get greater efficiencies and benefits than multiple, less experienced contacts.


For years, regional commercial real estate has been the forgotten component of major commercial real estate portfolios because of size and cost relative to the larger more expensive facilities in the capital cities. There is a lot of regional real estate, and it needs attention and care. Our view is regional real estate matters as much as capital city real estate because all corporate real estate matters.

We have been involved with office, industrial, and even Ground and Earth stations, so we understand the way things work in the regional areas.