Data Centres: The New Oil Refineries

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Data Centres: The New Oil Refineries

In this digital age, data is ubiquitous. But how does this data flow from one point to another? Over the past 10 years, we have been deeply involved in many data centres. It was a privilege to work with so many brilliant people in such a complex sector.

Better still, it was fantastic to see some more finished product on our tour of Next DC’s S3 facility yesterday as part of the CoreNet Global event programme. What a great development.

Steve Martin of NEXT DC so easily talked about the industry, some of the history and how everything data flows through a data centre. And this is why data centres are the new oil refineries. Complexity, time, patience, persistence, and money are just some of the words that come to mind when thinking about data centres and those at the forefront like NEXT DC.

The future of data centres across Australia and Oceania is looking bright. According to Statista:

”The Data Centre Market in Australia & Oceania is projected to grow by 6.11% (2024-2028)… The growing digital economy in Australia & Oceania, coupled with the increasing adoption of cloud computing and edge computing, is driving the demand for data centres in the region.’’

While the sector certainly faces challenges ahead, namely how to tackle energy efficiency and minimize its environmental footprint, it will be an interesting few years to see if the projected growth comes to fruition.

Thank you, Corenet Global and NEXT DC, for such a great tour and so many insights.

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