Testing The 7 Minute Walk

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Testing The 7 Minute Walk

We recently highlighted Propella.ai’s isochrone – the 7-minute walk. This catchment area represents the likely maximum distance that workers will commonly walk from their office for most of their daily needs such as lunch, convenience items and personal services. Naturally, the shape, size, and topography of our main capital cities mean there are minor differences.

Here is a 2D image of Propella.ai’s 7-minute catchment area for 68 Pitt St (blue line), visualising the surrounding retail amenities as coloured dots that relate to their classification (Food & Beverage, Service Retail etc).

They’ve estimated there are 914 retail businesses in the catchment area and derived a Retail Score of 9.1 out of 10, meaning that this building is within the top 9% of all Sydney CBD office buildings for retail amenities within its catchment area.

The overall Retail Score is derived from the sub-scores, including a Health & Wellness score of 9.9 out of 10, or within the top 1% for access to Health & Wellness within the Sydney CBD.




Our intrigue got the better of us, so we did our own analysis based on our habits and found that our “amenity” walk was only 5 minutes from the office. However, like with everything in property, there are exceptions. For instance, our 2 favourite Laksa places are 8 minutes walk as are other amenities we do not frequent as often as the food court or preferred coffee spot. If we average this out it comes to about 7 minutes.

Looking back at our historic locations, the 5-minute amenity applied but when averaged out was about 7 minutes. The only exception was when we were in the northeast corner of the CBD. The average was 8-9 minutes due to being on the edge of the CBD.

What are your walking times?

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