Hybrid Workplace Confusion Rules

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Hybrid Workplace Confusion Rules

Hybrid would have to be the most used word in the CRE industry today. Surely, remote is second as it forms part of most peoples’ interpretation of hybrid.

Our view, hybrid is the mixture of in-the-office days and out-of-the-office days. Some like hybrid and others don’t. Some companies accept staff working from anywhere and anytime whilst others are mandating staff to return to the office. Some staff want to or need to work from home and others don’t. There are so many views on what may be best.


Last week I sat with a SME business owner who admitted, “I am confused”. There is so much information about hybrid and related topics that, he was unsure what to do. So, in a very open and honest conversation, we walked through our brief process and the solution for his company was to recommit to the same space for a short term. At the same time, one client is committing to less space and another client has committed to more; on different lease terms. Three clients, three different solutions.


Each of the above scenarios resulted in a commitment to a “hybrid” and “space” solution that suited their specific circumstances.

One thing is very clear about hybrid, there are no hard and fast rules.

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