CREcycle: A Pullinen Property Group Initiative

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CREcycle: A Pullinen Property Group Initiative

For many years we have tried to work out how we can make a bigger contribution to the E in ESG in the CRE industry. As a small entity, we do the right things, but we are only 2 people. We wanted to make a larger contribution.

Every day we evaluate office buildings for our clients, so naturally the office sector is going to be our primary focus.

For the E component of our analysis, we review the NABERS ratings. NABERS is a common “language” throughout the sector to the extent that “77% of Australia’s office space is rated with NABERS” ( Logically it would make sense to pick one of the 4 categories; energy, water, waste, and indoor environment.

The dominant focus for tenants is the energy rating, however we are not energy experts. We came to the same conclusion with water.

As for indoor environment quality (IEQ), it is one thing to walk into an office building and feel the IEQ, but another for us to somehow make a difference relative to our expertise.

That left waste. Waste is material, visible, and can be measured. The CRE office sector produces a lot of waste and a lot of that goes to landfill. Surely this amount of landfill can be reduced.

Today we launch our new initiative here at Pullinen Property Group – CREcycle. With a goal of reducing CRE landfill one tonne at a time, our focus starts with the office sector.

How are we going to contribute? We’ll start by listening to what the industry is doing and then we will find our niche. Our aim is to contribute and to be able to say we helped reduce CRE landfill one tonne at a time.

Our journey starts today, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

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